Elica Universal Disposable Grease Filter

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Elica Universal cut to size fabric disposable grease filter - 3 pack ea @ 415 x 1120mm. Will make replacements of either:

6 off 600mm  or 
3 off 800/900/1000mm


Elica Universal Disposable Grease Filter - pack of 3 fabric (not paper) grease filters ea 415 x 1120mm. Fits all cooker hoods with the filters being cut to size to make 6 off 600mm, or 3 off 800mm, or 3 off 900mm, or 3 off 1000mm filters.

The filters are thermally bonded and do not use glue so are environmentally friendly.

 It is recommended that the filter material is changed every 3 - 4 months

Suitable for models: BI52-1 (154 M/B), BI52-3 (175 N/B), BI60 (73 V/C), BI60T (150 M/B/X /2), BI80T (Built In 80 M/B), BI80T-2, 150 EN2/80, 150 EB2/80, Chic, Exel (250 M/B), Pet (170 M/B), Retractable (60/90R, G15), Slideaway 280, Super Deluxe (96 M/B), Vistair (60V, 15 M/B), Chic, Deluxe (Lux SL), Select (EO16/MDF M/B), DLT Deluxe Twin (Lux SL /2), Exel (250 M/B), Echo (KE4), 60CS-WH-SE, 60CS-BLK-SE, Concorde 60 Single Motor, 60CS (125 N/B), Integrated Mark 1 (EO30-M/B), Integrated Mark 2 (140 B/M), Int Super (141 M/B)
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