Greenwood CMEV.4eHT Low Energy + Humidity & Timer Constant Running Central Ventilation Unit


Sale price£249.00 inc VAT

Low energy DC Motor  

Max No of Rooms:  5

Max Perf Low Speed: 51 ltrs/sec    

Max Perf High Speed:  129 ltrs/sec

Speed Control: 100% Adjustable

Noise: 14dB A Low Speed/34dBA High Speed

Humidistat/Timer: Yes Digital

Spigot Size: Round 125mm (100mm Possible)

 Additional Info: Optional accessories available

The CMEV.4e replaces the CMEV.4


The Greenwood CMEV.4eHT is a modern update of Greenwood Centair/CML offering improved energy efficiency, performance and noise specs whilst also offering a drop in replacement for anyone wishing to replace their old unit.

The system allows for extreme versatility being very compact and housing five staggered round extraction ducts which are usually from the kitchen, bathrooms and toilets and are expelled via one exhaust duct to the outside.

125mm or 5" solid ducting is recommended to minimise air resistance

Its compact design makes it ideal for apartments and small properties

The unit can be wired to run on low, medium and high speeds via a remote wired 3 position switch (GS1) or low and high only via a double pole switch (GS2). The motor speed is fully adjustable for low and high speeds (medium speed will be based on the mid point between the selected trickle and boost speed).

The HT model incorporates digital SMART technology for the Humidstat and Timer controls. For the Humidistat this means there is no no fixed humidity point for activation. Instead the unit constantly measures humidity levels and will only activate when man-made spikes in humidity - caused by showering, bathing or cooking - are detected. The Timer control, logs the amount of time the room has been in use and automatically adjusts the run- on time accordingly up to a maximum of 15 minutes.




Spigot Dimension125mm
Guarantee2 Year

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