iCONstant T

£118.80 inc VAT

SKU: 72687117 Airflow

£118.80 inc VAT

SKU: 72687117 Airflow

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Continuous Running trickle ventilation fan with selectable speeds

Adjustable run-on timer 2/15/30/40 mins.

10 dBA low speed

IPX5 Rated wall or ceiling

3 year warranty

SKU: 72687117

Airflow iCONstant Timer dMEV Fan

The use of continuous ventilation has increased rapidly as homes become better insualted but can sometimes suffer with additional condensation issues.The iCONstant provides a ventilation solution that satisfies the need for an energy efficient, economical to run and low noise fan with minimum human intervention as it helps eliminate the problems of condensation and mould growth by continuously extracting the damp, moist air that is source of the problem.

Constant running IPX 5 dMEV FAN

Timer version with boost speed set to run on for 2, 15, 30 or 40 minutes and an optional two minute delay start on timer version

Designed to be recessed into either the wall or the ceiling, the iCONstant has IPX5 ingress protection making it suitable four use within Zones 1 and 2 * of your bathroom / en - suite.This makes it incredibly safe to operate and Airflow is the only supplier to offer a dMEV product for both wall and ceiling installation with this IP rating

The white cover can be wiped clean with a wet cloth or removed with the simple twist off action when the cover or inner parts require a proper clean.

The fan runs continuously at trickle speed which are selectable at 6/ 8/ 13 l/sec and boosts when activated to either 8/ 13 l/sec with maximum of 20l/sec. 

Very Quiet Running fan - from 10dB(A) 24v DC Motor - economical to operate - from 1.07 watts on trickle speed of 6 l/sec costing less than a low energy light bulb to run (c. £1.50p p.a on constant).


* when wired in accordance with current IEEE wiring regulatrions 17th edition