Javac Digital Vacuum Gauge

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Digital Vacuum Gauge - VG-64

The VG64 Digital Vacuum Gauge accurately reads vacuum from 12,000 microns down to 0 over a Wide Temperature Range.

The Digital Vacuum Gauge is suitable for field or laboratory use. The vacuum can be displayed in user selectable units: Microns (milliTorrs), PSI, milliBars, Inches of Hg and Pascal.

Great for Vacuum Measurements during System Evacuation or High Precision Laboratory Tests.

NOTE: A 9-Volt Battery is Required. Sold Separately.


  • Fast Update Rate ( Every 1/2 Second)
  • Low Power Dissipation
  • Out of Temperature Range Indicator
  • Good Accuracy at Higher Pressures (above 300 Microns)
  • 10 Minute Auto Shut Off Only When no Vacuum is Detected
  • Self Diagnostic and Sensor Dirty Indicator
  • Vacuum Displayed in 7 International Units/Scales (Micron, PSI, InHg, mbar, Pascal, Torr, mTorr)
          BrandJAVAN (CAT 93)

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