Javac Edge 2 in 1 Flaring/Swaging Tool

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Javac Edge 2 in 1 Flaring/Swaging Tool - JAV-1023

An easy to use 2-in-1 one design that can be used to flare or swage. Perfect flaring and swaging, less to carry with extra room in the van for more tools!

  • High grade light weight Aluminium Alloy

  • Quick Coupler – allows fast switch from flaring cone to swaging heads.

  • Tube Positioning Plate – Ensures tube is set at the correct position for all sizes.

  • Indexing Mechanism – Provides accurate alignment when switching between different hole positions on the flaring bar.

  • Diamond Flaring Cone – Our Diamond Flaring Cone has a unique ‘socket fitting’, so when attached the cone is allowed to spin as you turn the handle.

    Creating a perfectly smooth finish. Our swaging heads have a ‘round fitting’ ensuring the heads do not spin, creating an accurate swage. There is no flaring tool in the market with a diamond cone that can do this.

                  BrandJAVAN (CAT 93)

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