LOOVENT eco dMEV SELV Humidity Timer

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Low Voltage SELV fan

Continuous Running trickle ventilation fan with selectable speeds

Intelligent humidity sensor adjustable between 40% -90% RH

Adjustable run-on timer between 2 - 45 mins

IPX 5 rated

5year warranty

FREE 6mtr Duct kit supplied with each fan

SKU: 72684313

LOOVENT eco is a powerful, discreetly styled fan designed to ensure effective ventilation with minimal noise and energy efficiency.It is ideal for applications where the ducting runs are long as its centrifugal impeller means it can move air over longer distances when met with pressure resistance from ducting.

For a centrifugal fan it is exceptionally quiet and is IPx5 rated making it suitable for mounting in Zone 1 or 2 with a 30mA RCD as defined in Section 701 BS7161:2008 (IEEE Wiring Regulations, Seventeenth Edition).

The LOOVENT eco is truly versatile in that it can be surface or recessed mounted into the wall or ceiling and can be fitted in either portrait or landscape position. It is also ideal for replacing the old style LOOVENTS'S as the spigot position is identical and the back plates are the same size keeping reworking to a minimum.

The LOOVENT eco has a low energy motor which helps reduce carbon emissions saving on energy bills as well as meeting the current Building Regulations and SAP Q building requirements

LOOVENT eco requires a 100/240V-50/60Hz single phase supply. Class II equipment. BS EN 60417. An external 3A fuse is required for each fan unit. The product is fully compliant with the following safety standards: CE2004/105//EMC Directives and LVD 2006 195/EC. Switches for fans should be selected and sited in accordance with BS7161:2008