NikolaTesla Ducting

NikolaTesla Prime Combination Hob and Extractor

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Colour: Black Glass & Cast Iron
Model Type - Hobs: Ducted
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  • Power Limitation (3.1kW - 4.5kW - 7.4kW)
  • Timer
  • Egg Timer
  • Child Lock and Safe Activation
  • Automatic Heat Up
  • Residual Heat Indicator
  • Safety Shut Down
  • Free Delivery
  • Price Match Promise - if you,ve seen it cheaper, get in touch with us at and we'll get back to you
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Call Customer Services on 01892 600121 with any questions


NikolaTesla is an induction hob and a cooker hood all neatly housed in one appliance.  The central fan unit is cleverly integrated into the centre of the cooker top and provides high performance as well as near silent operation.  The NikolaTesla Prime is available in both ducted and recirculating variants and is made from black tempered glass with a cast iron grille covering the central extract area and grease filter.

It has all the advantages of induction hobs, such as rapid cooking and easy cleaning in addition to the following specific technologies;

REVOLUTION FILTER This filter is suitable for the most challenging cooking environments, given its superior ability to filter and purify the air. The new Elica technology is able to achieve filtering efficiency of up to 82% against the market average of 60% and can be regenerated for up to 3 years.

SMART INSTALLATION Elica thinks of every aspect of the product, taking into great consideration even the installation phase of a hood, be it wall-mounted,concealed, or an aspiration hob. Assembly and connection operations are simple and intuitive.

AUTOCAPTURE When it is important to focus only on cooking operations, you can activate this function. The aspiration system adjusts automatically to the number and power of the used cooking zones.

POT DETECTOR Nikola Tesla helps you save time and money. It lets you know when a cooking zone is on but not being used and turns it off avoiding wasted energy and automatically turns it on when it detects a pot.

STOP&GO If you are interrupted whilst cooking, or you have to go into another room, or you just want a break, with just a single touch of the Stop&Go button you can switch off all the cooking zones and walk away with complete confidence and safety. When you return a single touch will take you back to where you left off.

TEMPERATURE MANAGER Your dishes will always be cooked at the perfect temperature when you use this function that lets you set the hob with three programmes (42, 72 or 92 degrees). The temperature settings have been optimised for both very delicate cooking (mousses, sauces, keeping dishes warm) as well as cooking at high power (boiling).

TIMER – this is a programmable acoustic warning which will also switch off the cooking zone concerned - it can be used to control just one cooking zone or multiple zones independently.

EGG TIMER – this is also a programmable acoustic timer however it operates independently from the cooking zones.

CHILD LOCK and SAFE ACTIVATION – the hob will only heat up when pots are present on the cooking zones whilst the child lock prevents the hob from being accidentally turned on.

RESIDUAL HEAT INDICATOR – warning lights show if the hob is still warm after it has been switched off.

AUTOMATIC HEAT UP – this means that the hob automatically heats up at maximum power and then reverts to the selected level after a set time to reduce heat up time.

Ventilation System
Size83 x 51 x 21cm
ControlTouch Control
SpeedsTouch Control; 3 Speeds + 2 Boost Levels
Booster Airflow610m³/h (Ducted); 422m³/h (Recirculating)
Suction Speed5.1m/s
Noise Level61dBA (Ducted); 71dBA (Recirculating)
Total Power Absorption7.4kW
Frequency50 - 60Hz
Voltage220 - 240V
FinishesBlack Glass + Cast Iron
Bridge ZoneNo

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