Titon HRV1.3 Q Plus Eco Aura Left-Handed


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The handing of the unit – left or right hand, refers to the side the ducts to/from atmosphere are positioned. i.e. a left hand (LH) unit will have the intake and exhaust ducts to/from atmosphere positioned on the left hand side of the unit and vice versa for the right hand

The enhanced capacity ultra compact HRV1.3 Q Plus continuously running whole-house ventilation unit with heat recovery is independently tested by the BRE and maintains an ultra compact size despite its improved airflow performance.

Combining extremely low power consumption and a highly efficient heat exchanger, this unit enhances SAP performance via Appendix Q, and yet remains versatile enough in size to be equally as functional in larger apartments as it is in small to medium sized dwellings.

The HRV1.3 Q Plus Range of MVHR unit comes in two different models; the ‘HMB’ & ‘B’ models which are part of our Eco version range.  Each set

Eco Versions:

Eco HMB Models:

  • Intelligent Summer Bypass & humidity controls
  • SUMMERboost® facility
  • Available in left and right handed configurations
  • Compatible with auralite® HRV (TP518) status indicator and aura-t™ (TP539) controller
  • Fitted with removable filter covers on the front panel
  • Enthalpy option available
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