Ubbink UB48 Insulated Roof Terminal 180mm Black

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The insulated terminal offers greater efficiency for the modern heat recovery domestic ventilation systems when terminated through the pitch of a roof. They are suitable for natural (passive) and mechanical ventilation installations. 

All 3 models are suitable for tiles and slates with a pitch of over 25°


Ubbink universal insulated terminals are suitable for both tiled and slated roofs and come complete with a Ubiflex flashing
These units are suitable for roof pitches over 25° and for mechanical extraction
The free vent area of the units are:
UB48/180mm = 19,100mm²

Complete Air Excellent system installation

BrandUBBINK (CAT 77)
MaterialInjection moulded/Vacuum formed/Ubiflex
InstallationMax Roof Angle: 45 degrees Min Roof Angle: 25 degrees
DeliveryNext Day
DimensionsStack Terminal; 1227x180 Flashing; 700x1000
Guarantee1 Year

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