Zehnder ComfoValve Luna E125 Extraction Valve White

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The ComfoValve Luna E by Zehnder is a extraction valve for comfortable ventilation and is suitable for mounting in ceilings and walls. The Luna E connects perfectly to the Luna S supply valve, so that the air can be supplied and extracted with the same design. Because of the intuitive mounting and the rubber seal, the valve can be mounted airtight on a ventilation pipe with a diameter of 125mm. The air flow rate can be easily and precisely adjusted by means of 75 lockable adjustment positions.

Using the scale numbers on the inner ring and the 3 levels, the adjustment position can be read off. The maximum flow rate of the drain valve is 75m³/h. The setting of the flow rate can be adjusted without removing the valve from the ceiling or wall. The valve is made of high quality UV and scratch free white (RAL 9003) plastic.

The drain valve is suitable for both ceiling and wall mounting. Because the front design cover can easily be removed, cleaning the Luna E125 is very easy.

Benefits the ComfoValve Luna

  • Working range for air flows up to 75 m³/h
  • A timeless experience, Slim and subtle design in combination with the constant adjustment height of 30 mm ensures harmonious integration
  • Perfect combination with supply valve Zehnder ComfoValve Luna S in open-plan living areas. and food kitchens
  • Saving time thanks to tool-free assembly and commissioning with 75 lockable adjustment positions of the valve
  • Locking the set air flow prevents it from being accidentally changed during cleaning
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