Bathroom Fans Constant Running Constant Basic

Greenwood Omnique OF100GIP
High Performance Low Energy Fan For Bathrooms And Kitchens. Suitable For Long Duct Runs

100% Adjustable Air Flow. Includes Intelligent Digital Humidistat and Timer Functions For Ultimate Lifestyle Responsiveness and Condensation Control
£155.97 inc VAT


Greenwood Centrifugal Surface Mounted Fan, Continuously Running At Trickle Speed - SF90A
High Performance Surface Mounted Bathroom Fan Suitable For Long Duct Runs Of up to 10m of 100mm ducting

Continuous Running Model at Trickle Speed With Boost Via Pull Cord or Switch
£116.72 inc VAT


Titon Solace dMEV Fan Standard - TP200BA
Discreet, Continuously Running Fan Suitable for Bathrooms or Kitchens

Quiet Running

Dual Speed With Manual Boost Via Remote Switch
£78.52 inc VAT