Modern properties are designed to be comfortable, energy efficient and air tight. To achieve this, homes have been sealed and chimneys, leaky windows, doors and non-insulated brickwork removed. This keeps the home warm and snug but presents another problem, properties have very little air movement . Things can turn nasty. Filter Guide 2021

So there’s a conundrum: how to ventilate but not lose the heat? The solution is often provided by Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems which:

  • extract stale and polluted air and
  • provide a flow of fresh air into a property.

To minimise heat loss, extracted air is passed through a heat exchanger and the heat recovered is passed back into the property.

As part of this, fresh air is filtered before it goes into your home. This is where filters matter. Dust and debris collects here – not in your home or lungs - so keep an eye on them, clean and change them regularly